A summer camp from the future!

Usually, people associate summer camps with things like karate classes, dancing, cooking, picnics and camp songs. The basics of a summer camp revolve around making friends and participating in activities that improve your skills and personality.

At Leo & Mike, we’re adding another dimension to this, through numerous camp courses that will keep your children engaged and curious. We are giving them an opportunity to explore different aspects of tech, design, film, art, emotions, and the world.

Here is a glimpse of the camp courses that we have lined up for this summer:

For Ages 5 – 8

  1.   The Incredible Human Body

This camp is designed to educate children about the human body and its composition.

The camp course will include:

  • Activities like role-playing ways to protect their bodies, performing first-aid, and group discussions are used to make learning more engaging.
  • Building parts of the skeletal system and muscular system, which is a great way of teaching them how to identify different body parts.
  • Teaching kids how to manage their time schedules and control their food intake. Additionally, kids will learn about following precautions that will maintain a life-affirming environment around them.  


  1.  Makers Jr.

This is the camp that will be introducing your child to the concepts of mechanics, electronics, digital making, and prototyping.

The activities in this camp involve creating digital architectural structures using Minecraft, which is one of the best digital making tools out there. Apart from that, kids will be taught to create mechanical and electronic contraptions and will learn the many ways in which they can be utilized.   

Kids will put their efforts into creating something useful and functional, which is an effective way of making kids more creative and resourceful.

  1.   Mind Masters

The Mind Masters camp course is designed to help children explore their inner selves. The camp employs individual and group activities such as photography, videography, book reading, role-playing and more, to help children cope with their emotions.

Kids are taught how to perceive other people’s emotions and also how to utilize words and speech to effectively express their feelings.

Various long-term and short-term strategies have been designed for helping kids in identifying their emotions and managing them. Making them aware of the consequences when they act on their emotions also serves as a great motivator for them to keep their emotions in check.

  1. Space Superheroes

This camp course will educate children on various aspects of space such as what it is made of, how many human beings have been out there, and how they can program a robot that is capable of performing different jobs in space.

It initiates algorithmic thinking and mechanical programming skills into these children. In fact, automating robots and operating them through the internet might be the most amazing activity that your child will experience in a summer camp.      

For Ages 9-14  

  1. Short-Film Making

This camp course is all about teaching kids the basics of filmmaking. It helps children write their own scripts and instructs them on how they can turn those scripts into quality movies.

Apart from this, kids will be taught to write in film grammar, to use a DSLR camera for shooting their films, and editing their films into a publishable format. This is done by encouraging kids to participate in a series of writing activities, discussions, and presentations.    

  1. Makers Senior

In this camp course, kids will participate in the creation process using 3D printers and other electronic design tools.

The camp has been broken down into sequential activities for the kids. These activities involve designing their own machines, learning 3D printing, comprehending the basics of electronics and mechanics and adding finishing touches to their prototypes.

The nature of this camp encourages kids to adapt and improvise according to the situation since creation can be a dynamic process.      

  1. Robotics with SCRATCH programming

Building a robot is something that you wouldn’t expect your child to be doing in a summer camp. Don’t worry now!

This camp will have kids performing groundwork on robotics and machinery. They will be using a drag-drop tool and algorithmic programming to connect and automate their robots.  

Kids will also learn to connect their robots to a network in order to make them respond to the initial inputs that they’ll receive over that particular network.  

  1. Digital game making with SCRATCH programming

Our digital game making program is a dream come true for kids obsessed with gaming. In this camp, kids will learn how to design and program their own Android and computer games which will boost their creativity and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

The process of game development is dynamic and uncertain, with new bugs popping out through the entire developmental process. Fixing these bugs and errors will encourage your child to interact with team members to brainstorm a solution.

In short, this summer camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to work on something that he/she is passionate about while learning real-life skills at the same time.

So, enroll your child today and let your kids experience a summer full of thrill, excitement, innovation, knowledge, and most importantly, fun.

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