Camping and Programming

Programming is a creative activity that can prepare kids for real life because programming skills can help your kids secure a bright career.

Introducing kids to programming will help them in gaining a perspective on how digital technology works. This might lead to your kids discovering their passion for programming and developing software technology, which is the most sought-after occupation today.

Even if your kids are not interested in writing codes and algorithms for a software development program, they might enjoy coding for something interesting like video games or robotics.

This is why you should consider enrolling your kids into Robotics with SCRATCH programming or Digital Game Making with SCRATCH programming summer camp that is being organized by Leo & Mike.

Robotics with SCRATCH programming

Getting kids into programming through robotics is a great way to prepare them for various programming related fields. It can help them build problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.

This introductory camp has been organized by Leo & Mike for young adolescents of ages 9 to 14 years. The camp teaches these kids about the basics of robotics in a fun, interactive manner.

In this camp, kids will learn how to build their own robots, programme them, connect them to a network and give them initial inputs that will make them perform certain tasks.

Children can expect cutting edge tools and technology for an immersive and engaging experience. All types of equipment and gadgets are provided so that children and parents don’t have to worry about purchasing them from elsewhere.

Game Development with SCRATCH programming

Video games are an interactive form of entertainment. With their growing influence over the world, they have secured a spot as the world’s biggest entertainment industry.

So, if your children enjoy playing video games, letting them explore game development might lead to a career in the gaming industry, which is booming at the moment.   

This camp is designed to teach kids not just about game development but also about various other aspects that are associated with it. This is a platform where children will learn algorithmic thinking, problem-solving, programming, creativity, innovativeness and improvising skills.

The camp offers a safe, secure and nurturing environment for these children where they can actively engage in their learning. Apart from that, they are also provided with the best- in- class equipment, enabling them to optimize their games and debug them.

If you are still in doubt, you will want to check out how teaching kids about robotics and game programming can be beneficial for their future.

Enhances computational thinking

Computational thinking is the way that allows you to structure your thoughts in a logical way, allowing you to communicate with a machine. The thinking process involves solving problems in a step-by-step manner, hence teaching your kids to come up with a specific solution to a problem, which is how it works in the real world.

Programming a robot requires focus and some serious out-of-the-box thinking. The code instructs the robot on how it’s supposed to react on a specific input. Similarly, video games require exceptional coding skills, since the art is just like robotics, but here it involves manipulating pixels instead of a machine.

Writing a code that controls these electronic entities is the challenge that encourages children to come up with creative solutions to the problems, and this brings us to our next point.


Developing games requires a lot of creativity since the entire process revolves around debugging and optimization. The game development process is very dynamic, with issues popping up during the entire development process.=

Tackling these issues and making sure that your game is playable requires a lot of critical thinking.

Robotics can also be tricky due to the challenges that come with it. Programming robots to navigate the environment or making them perform any job can end up being an excruciating task.

This teaches kids to look for alternate solutions to their problems. At a young age, children have a flexible mindset that allows them to think creatively. Coding has a lot of room for this and children can polish their own creativity out in numerous ways.

The infinite ways in which you can code and solve problems in coding, allows children to grow their logical thinking capabilities.

Future career opportunities

In recent years, coding has become as important as reading. It is an essential skill that is in great demand in every sector. Teaching your kids to code gives them a future-ready skill set.

The video game industry has accumulated a lot of money in the entertainment sector and most of the jobs in game development pay extremely well. Especially in the past decade, the gaming industry has grown a lot, both in scope and scale.

With automation taking over, robotics has a huge scope for growth and progress in the job market. So teaching kids robotics is not only beneficial for their present but also for the predictable AI future.  

By enrolling into this camp your kids will learn to code and program while enjoying the classic summer camp activities such as bonfires, singing, marshmallows etc at the same time.

It’s the camp from the future that has been designed with the aim of teaching essential programming skills to your children. Don’t let your kids miss out!

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