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Creativity makes life fun, satisfying and fulfilling. It is simply a combination of originality and evidently unique ideas. It is something that requires thinking and innovating on an entirely new dimension. Creativity is timeless and can be fostered at any point in life.

But did you know that creativity is a distinct trait that can be used to measure how successful an individual can be?

Encouraging creativity with new ideas is how we keep moving forward with innovations and advancements. Here are 5 reasons why creativity is important for success:


Creating opportunities

Creative people are capable of converting their failures into success. The can easily analyze their mistakes and come up with creative ways of avoiding them in the future.

Creating new opportunities is another distinctive feature of creative people. They know where to look for them and the new ways in which they can achieve them.

The reason why creative people are so successful in creating these opportunities is that they are good at coming up with new and unique ideas that might not have occurred to others.




Creative people have a clear idea about when they are most likely to be most creative which does not always have to be during work hours. Whether it’s in the night or in the morning, they know when is the right time to put in their maximum efforts for better outputs.

It’s not only about being in perfect sync with their internal creativity clock but efficiently ha their workload, managing their work hours and working smart rather than working hard.

They do tend to rely more on themselves since they are most comfortable and efficient doing things their own way hence making themselves more self-dependent.


Risk Taking  

Creativity involves a lot of risks. Coming up with something that has never been imagined or done before requires a lot of courage and determination. Creative people prosper in this kind of risk-taking environment.   

Most of the times creative thinkers try to work their way around the risk, but if they do face it, they are able to come up with creative ways to deal with it.

Did you know that Elon Musk was making millions when he was the CEO of PayPal? People expected him to make millions more. But his creativity led him to invest his money in his own innovative startups, SpaceX and Tesla. This investment nearly made him bankrupt but now both of his companies are thriving.




Open-mindedness is important for making a thorough analysis and investigation. Creative people aren’t in the habit of judging and making assumptions before evaluating the situation.

It’s just that their brains are capable of comprehending different scenarios that might have led to those situations. Jumping to a conclusion instantaneously isn’t their style.

Their open-mindedness encourages them to be extremely sure about their decisions and perceptions.

In business, having an open mind can do wonders. It requires the person to consider all possible courses of action and outcomes. An open mind helps in considering all the dimensions of a business plan.


Passion for learning          

Creativity requires information, and since creative people are constantly coming up with new ideas, they gather information through experience, entertainment, and any other medium.

Their passion for learning entices them into being more creative. It’s a cycle of gathering and implementing. Good learning habits are a gateway to success.

Leo & Mike have integrated the “Experiential Learning” into their curriculum. It is a learning process which encourages students to learn by doing. The entire process requires children to be creative since it involves a lot of trial and error. Creativity will always be an important aspect of learning.

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