Fun and feelings

In order to achieve goals and manage a great social life, it is important to control our emotions. This can be quite difficult, though. That is why teaching kids about emotional control and identifying their feelings at an early age will develop appropriate behavior in them. By letting kids express their inner feelings, we provide a framework for them to work on and improve, which they can also use to describe how they feel.

Leo & Mike has organized a summer camp that will help your kids with exactly that. Mind Masters is an introductory summer camp designed to teach children about managing their emotions, which will be beneficial for them in the long run.

Mind masters aim at the following:

  •   Teaching kids how to identify their emotions and feelings through bodily cues.
  •   Teaching them to interpret people, their thoughts, and the events that cause these emotions.
  •   Preparing them for the consequences of these emotions and coming up with strategies to help them express their emotions in an appropriate manner.

To achieve these aims, the camp is broken down into numerous individual engaging activities that make learning more interesting and adds to the overall fun factor of the camp. These activities include:

  •   Arts-crafts and writing
  •   Mood mapping
  •   Role-play of various emotions
  •   Discussion

Now, let us get to the more serious aspect of this discussion. Let’s establish how invalidating your child’s emotional needs can cause a negative impact on them and how Leo & Mike will make sure that your children are getting a hang of their emotions.

Social life

Studies have shown that people who express their emotions freely are more successful in socializing than people who just react to emotional impulses.

Teaching your children how to handle their emotions in the right way will ensure a better social life for them in the future. This is why Mind Masters is the perfect opportunity for your child to explore his/her emotional side.

Mind Masters will teach your kids how to read other people, their thoughts, and to predict the kind of impact their emotions can have on the people who are close to them. This will make it easier for your children to display their emotions appropriately around other people. In fact, it will enable them to adapt their emotions depending on the person they are interacting with.

Managing emotions can help your children in developing a pleasant likable personality.

Handling disappointments

Life is uncertain and disappointing at times. Knowing how to cope with disappointments is crucial for because that’s the only way one can turn them around.

Disappointments, when left uncatered, can lead to stress, anxiety, or even depression. But by teaching kids about various methods and strategies for handling them or eradicating them completely, these risks can be eliminated.

Mind Masters employs a series of role-playing activities and other appealing individual activities like discussions, photography etc, that release stress and calm the senses.


Keeping out of trouble

Children often let their emotions manipulate their actions. Not taking any measures against this might make it a habit for your children when they grow up.

This might lead to your child getting into conflicts and developing a rebellious attitude during their teen years. To make sure that your child doesn’t go through this phase, it is important for you as a parent to understand the feelings that your child is expressing.

For this particular reason Mind Masters teaches children to identify their inner feelings through various bodily cues and educate them about the steps that they should take to minimize the impact of these negative emotions on them.

The camp teaches them to express their emotions through words and other strategies that they can use to make other people aware of their emotional state.          

Sending your children to this camp will ensure that they learn how to communicate their feelings to you as well as to the people around him.

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