Learning by doing

Kids are naturally creative and curious. Perhaps this why they are such keen learners. Their passion to explore and their fascination with everything pushes them into towards learning more. This is how they discover their interests and hobbies during their initial stages of development.

During this stage, kids are still trying to get a grip on a lot of things and have the capability of absorbing a lot of information.  

 This is where “learning by doing” or “experiential learning” comes in. It is the kind of learning where kids learn through experience. It makes learning much more fun, engaging and personal for them.

Here are 4 reasons why you should encourage your kids to learn by doing.


Strengthens the basics

A strong core comes from strong basics. Mastering the fundamentals help in building a solid technique. Experimenting on their concepts and executing them helps children in developing a powerful foundation.

Experience is a major factor that decides how good your basics are. Constant experimentation helps kids in understanding the real-life counterpart of a theoretical concept.

It allows them to perceive how the basics work and gives them a clearer picture of their concepts.      


Allow kids to grow


Practical learning is a learning technique that allows them to grow along with their education. The “Learning by doing” technique makes kids logical and systematic. It produces problem-solving skills in them with “out of the box” thinking.

It is obvious that experimentation based learning is more applicable when it comes to getting familiarized with a certain concept. Creativity and innovativeness come along as they allow room for improvisation.

This helps kids in developing problem-solving skills and a rational outlook on various things.   


Helps them learn from their mistakes


One of the important factors that affect growth is the ability to learn from mistakes. There is a lot of trial and error involved in practical learning.

Identifying mistakes and improving on them will make certain that kids don’t commit the same mistakes again, allowing them to learn their subjects more effectively.

Since the kid has actually experienced the mistake, the kid will always know what situation led to that mistake and how to avoid committing it in the future.


Helps them in better analysis  


Experiential learning also makes children self-dependant since practical learning requires a lot of initiatives from them. It gets kids into the habit of trying until they achieve their aims.

Kids also make it a point to go deeper into their subjects so that they could develop a better understanding of their concepts to be able to implement them. This is how kids become good at assessing and analyzing the things that happen around them.  

The points discussed above are a few of the major benefits of experiential learning.

Leo & Mike has included the “Learning by Doing” technique into their curriculum. The camp at Keystone makes children grow through experiential learning in their camps. It helps them in perfecting their learning methods allowing them to come up with new ideas.        

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