Learning by Making

Learning is a never-ending process that helps individuals to grow and experience new things throughout their lives. Learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

Leo & Mike prioritize experimental and project-based learning as its approach towards imparting education. It is quite evident that kids are able to absorb more information by doing rather than just by reading. It helps them understand the ins and outs of their subject through immersive learning.

Leo & Mike is organizing two summer camps where kids will learn how to make things using the resources that have been provided to them. These summer camps combine project-based and STEM-based learning to education fun and en

Here are two Makers summer camps for kids:             

Makers Junior

This is an introductory summer camp that has been designed specifically for children of ages 5 to 8 years. During this summer camp, children will explore the world of making.

Whether it’s about getting creative with their Lego blocks or creating art out of their imagination, most children have a flair for building things. Makers Junior is the place where kids will learn how to use their resources to make prototypes.

Mechanics, electronics, and digital making tools like 3D printers and Minecraft will be used by children for building toys, contraptions, and other working prototypes.

The activities in this camp are:

  • Making a paper torch and an electronic greeting card
  • Building a model house and electrifying it
  • Toy making workshop
  • Presentation Practice, self-evaluation & assessment


Makers Senior

Like Makers Junior, kids will indulge in the building process while learning to utilize their resourcefulness, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Since this camp is for young adults, instead of making toys children will design and build their own machines using mechanics, hydraulics, and prototyping.

The activities in this camp are:

  • Designing a catapult, crankshaft, and a gear-operated pulley system using 3D printers
  • Designing a simple circuit that can control fan speed up to 2 levels
  • Making a mechanism that will help a body float and sink using a hydraulic jack
  • A cable car, electric vehicle and an amphibian vehicle, each of them resembling their world counterpart
  • Reflection & presentation practices

Kids learn a lot while building objects. The process of making is dynamic and filled with various uncertainties. On encountering, problems, kids are compelled to be innovative and come up with creative solutions to their problems.


What can kids expect from this camp?

  • A nurturing atmosphere
  • Access to cutting edge and tools and technology so that they get the best experience out of building objects
  • World-class equipment and materials at their disposal to let them experiment on their creativity to their heart’s content

Sending your kids to either of these summer camps will ensure a summer full creativity and fun for them. Your kids will have fun while learning new developmental skills each day.

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