S.T.E.A.M Program [5-8]

Space Superheroes

Ages 5-8
8 classes
2 hours per class
₹ 9000
Oplay Fun ‘N’ Learn, Himayathnagar


Give your child the chance to build their creativity and problem-solving skills at the Introductory S.T.E.A.M Program, a 2-month weekend module with themes like Space Exploration & Real-world Electricity designed for Ages 5-8, this program is all about the interdisciplinary and hands-on application of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in everyday life and to inculcate a sense of curiosity & wonder towards it. 


From elastic powered cars and telescopes, to their own toys, they’ll build it all in this 2-month program and you’ll never hear them whine “science is boring” again!


Week 1 : Trippy Telescopes , Exploring Vacuums

How do humans explore space while on earth? Learn how lenses work and build a working telescope! 

Can we hear and see in space? Make a working vacuum chamber and experiment with sound and light transmission!

Week 2 : Roaring Rockets

How do humans travel to space? Build a volcano to understand force and thrust, and use the understanding to build a rocket!

Week 3 : Amazing Moon Rover

How do we travel in space? Make a moon surface and build a moon rover that travels on it!

Week 4 : Journaling and Presentation

 Reflect on & record the learning using the Accordion Journal and present it to your peers and parents.

Week 5 : Fun Gadgets , Home Electricity

How do circuits work? Learn the basics of electrical circuits, build an electrical greeting card and a working torch! Build a house of your own and add electrical circuits to it!

Week 6 : Elastic Cars

What is force and how does it work? Build an elastic powered & balloon-powered car and make them race!

Week 7 : Electrical & Mechanical Toys

How can you make use of electricity and mechanics to build something for fun? Design and build a toy of your own!

Week 8 : Journaling and Presentation

 Reflect on & record the learning using the Accordion Journal and present it to your peers and parents.

Presentation Skills

Skills Augmented

Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Motor Skills, Creative Design, Problem Solving, Listening, Collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be teaching?
Trained facilitators who have undergone intensive training in learning psychology, classroom management, experiential & project-based learning methodologies for different tools film making, electronics, programming, design and various subjects including sciences, technology, engineering, design and arts.

Will my child be required to bring anything from home?
No, all the equipment and materials will be provided.

What takeaways will my child get?
Your child will get a certificate from Leo&Mike, as well as fun goodies like postcards, bookmarks, badges and laptop stickers.

What to expect?

Safe, secure and nurturing environment

Access to cutting edge tools and technology

1:9 Facilitator- Student ratio

All equipment and materials provided