Space Odyssey

Space Superheroes

Ages 5-8
2 Days
₹ 2500
ACK Alive – Film Nagar,
Aham Learning Hub – Gachibowli & Nallagandla  

Space Odyssey

This Dussehra vacation, let your child explore and uncover the fun side of science! Let them tinker, experiment, design, build, play and have fun at the 2-day hands-on camps by Leo & Mike.


Prep your child for Chandrayaan 3 with this 2-day camp! Their curious minds will learn all about outer space, the solar system, planets, constellations and everything extra terrestrial in a hands-on way. 


At this camp, your little scientist will –

  • Explore the Sun, planets and constellations 
  • Build the Solar System
  • Learn how to build their own sundial 
  • Play super fun shadow and direction games!
  • Make a constellation viewer and learn to identify different constellations!
  • Learn about different phenomena like rotation, revolution through fun experiments, games, play & more!


Skills Augmented

Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Motor Skills, Digital Literacy, Analytical Thinking, Creative Design, Problem Solving, Listening, Collaboration & Decision Making

Frequently Asked Questions

Will food be provided?
Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Who will be teaching?
Trained facilitators who have undergone intensive training in learning psychology, classroom management, experiential & project-based learning methodologies for different tools film making, electronics, programming, design and various subjects including sciences, technology, engineering, design and arts.

Will my child be required to bring anything from home?
No, all the equipment and materials will be provided.

What takeaways will my child get?
Your child will get a certificate from Leo&Mike, as well as fun goodies like postcards, bookmarks, badges and laptop stickers.

What to expect?

Safe, secure and nurturing environment

Access to cutting edge tools and technology

1:9 Facilitator- Student ratio

All equipment and materials provided