Mind Masters

Mind Masters

Ages 5-8
5 Days
₹ 8500
ACK Alive, Film Nagar

Mind Masters

This introductory camp gets children to identify, recognise and regulate a range of moods, emotions and feelings while also understanding the causes and consequences of each. From learning about body language, and DSLR photography to using mood trackers and performing plays, children put to use technology, story-telling and collaborations to positively navigate their way through an entire gamut of emotions!



Day 1 : Recognizing emotions

Learners use DSLR cameras and learn how to take good photographs to identify, recognise and capture different emotions.

Learning Outcomes
Identify Moods, Emotions and Feelings
Identify Bodily Cues of emotions
Use a mood tracker
State the basics of photography
Take photographs that capture emotions

Day 2 : Causes and consequences of emotions

Learners express emotions using their expressions and body language, photograph the emotions and make a fun gif!

Learning Outcomes
Make a gif using DSLR cameras and a gif maker
Build a story with emojis
Make their own emoji

Day 3 : Labelling and expressing emotions appropriately

Learners express emotions using tone: they perform a play, and participate in story reading, discussions and play acting.

Learning Outcomes
Act in a play
Discuss emotions stated in stories
Discuss causes of emotions in characters

Day 4 : Regulating emotions

Learners understand how to manage their emotions using different techniques. They understand that they are responsible for their own emotions through activities like mask making and meditation.

Learning Outcomes
Regulate emotions using meditation
Understand and discuss stories
Discuss emotions stated in stories
Mask Design
Make an “Emotion Declaration”

Day 5 : Finishing touches, Peer & Parent Presentations

Learners reflect upon their camp experience and present their work to parents

Learning Outcomes
Public Speaking
Presentation Skills

Skills Augmented

Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Motor Skills, Digital Literacy, Analytical Thinking, Creative Design, Problem Solving, Listening, Collaboration & Decision Making

Frequently Asked Questions

Will food be provided?
Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Who will be teaching?
Trained facilitators who have undergone intensive training in learning psychology, classroom management, experiential & project-based learning methodologies for different tools film making, electronics, programming, design and various subjects including sciences, technology, engineering, design and arts.

Will my child be required to bring anything from home?
No, all the equipment and materials will be provided.

What takeaways will my child get?
Your child will get a certificate from Leo&Mike, as well as fun goodies like postcards, bookmarks, badges and laptop stickers.

What to expect?

Safe, secure and nurturing environment

Access to cutting edge tools and technology

1:9 Facilitator- Student ratio

All equipment and materials provided