Makers Senior

Makers Sr.

Ages 9-14
5 Days
₹ 8500
ACK Alive, Film Nagar

Makers Sr.

This introductory camp will inspire the children to explore and engage with the world of making. Children will be using mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, 3D printers and other tools to design, build and prototype machines. They get to experience what it takes to put all their resources together in order to make a useful working prototype. This is the one-stop shop where arts, crafts, engineering, technology and design come together. Add this to a healthy dose of everyday fun and games to make an incredible summer experience for your child!



Day 1 : Simple Machines and 3D Printers

Learners build a working machine to learn about levers, wheels and pulleys and they learn how to use a 3D printer by using one.

Learning Outcomes
Understanding Pulleys, levers and gears
Apply learning of levers to construct a model
Introduction to 3D Printing
Apply learning of gears, pulleys and 3D pinter to construct a model

Day 2 : Electronics and Hydraulics

Learners design a circuit to control a fan. They then delve into the world of mechanics by build a hydraulic jack.

Learning Outcomes
Understand working of simple circuits
Constructing fan circuit
Understanding basics of hydraulics
Identifying items that float and sink

Day 3 : Design Your Own Machine

Learners apply their mechanics, electronics and hydraulics knowledge to design a unique machine that solves a real world problem.

Learning Outcomes
Design Thinking

Day 4 : Prototype

Learners create their own unique machine that solves a real world problem.

Learning Outcomes
Problem Solving Ideation

Day 5 : Finishing touches, Peer & Parent Presentations

Learners reflect upon their camp experience, present their work to their peers, take feedback, create a second iteration of their prototype, and present their work to parents

Skills Augmented

Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Motor Skills, Digital Literacy, Analytical Thinking, Creative Design, Problem Solving, Listening, Collaboration & Decision Making

Frequently Asked Questions

Will food be provided?
Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Who will be teaching?
Trained facilitators who have undergone intensive training in learning psychology, classroom management, experiential & project-based learning methodologies for different tools film making, electronics, programming, design and various subjects including sciences, technology, engineering, design and arts.

Will my child be required to bring anything from home?
No, all the equipment and materials will be provided.

What takeaways will my child get?
Your child will get a certificate from Leo&Mike, as well as fun goodies like postcards, bookmarks, badges and laptop stickers.

What to expect?

Safe, secure and nurturing environment

Access to cutting edge tools and technology

1:9 Facilitator- Student ratio

All equipment and materials provided